“CloudClass: Low Cost, Mobile, Cloud &Template Based Augmented Reality Studio for Education”

The general objective of the CloudClass project is to develop and validate a low-cost VR / AR / XR solution that allows creating more attractive, interactive and immersive virtual learning experiences for the audience (students), through the “teleportation” of the teacher or speaker to a virtual 3D environment.

The market that CloudClass is aimed at is educational, beginning its implementation in the university environment and extending it to secondary and primary education. To carry out the project we count on the following multidisciplinary consortium:

• The Spanish SME Brainstorm Multimedia as a provider of VR / AR / XR technology.
• Austrian SME Stryme as a provider of application virtualization and video streaming services.
• The English SME Whiteloop as a company specialized in services and technologies for education and
• The Open University of the Netherlands as a validator of the technology.

Apart from the Open University of The Netherlands, which is part of the consortium, three Spanish universities collaborate with the project pilot-testing the VR tools and developing content for education: the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and the and the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), both as subcontractors, and the University of Alicante (UA) as external collaborator.

CloudClass is a next generation virtual learning environment (VLE) that enables immersive and realistic virtualised interactions between learners and educators a reality for the first time. The technology takes remote learning to the next level, creating deeper engagements, a richer learning experience and better learning outcomes.

CloudClass will be provided to market as a cloud based SaaS (Service as a Software) solution that learning institutions and other learning providers could contract and then deploy as a means of delivering distance/ online learning experiences to students wherever they are.

CloudClass Application overview

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