Approach to education

These are some examples of the work that professors from collaborating universities are developing with CloudClass. Based on their experiences, the system is being refined and approaching its final version. A more extensive showcase of these works is available on our YouTube channel.

CloudClass transforms education using VR and AR, providing immersive experiences. User consultations drive research, informing interdisciplinary specifications. Design and development involve experts in interactive tech, VR/AR, and 3D modeling. Validation occurs in demonstrator sessions at partner universities, spanning disciplines and educational frameworks. Horizontal activities focus on targeted dissemination for market creation. The comprehensive approach ensures CloudClass delivers compelling educational outcomes.

EXPERIENCES from the universities

1. Open University of The Netherlands

Teacher A. Primary students. Online

Teacher A experience (interview)


Transcription in English

Teacher B. Secondary students. Online

Teacher B experience (interview)


Transcription in English

2. Universidad de Alicante



3. University of Santiago de Compsotela (USC)

At USC, some lecturers have been recording introductory videos for their in-class courses.