At Brainstorm we are pretty satisfied with our participation at Bett UK, last March 2023. We exhibited at booth ND41 alongside our UK and Ireland distributor, Storm Broadcast Ltd, demonstrating Edison PRO: the most cost-effective and easy-to-use solution, which is levelling up the game in online education, virtual classes and eLearning.

We were the only exhibitor showcasing Virtual Production techniques over a green screen and to do this we deployed our brand-new eDesk, a turn-key portable virtual studio solution that allows the quick and easy creation of immersive AR/VR presentations, with Edison PRO.

Edison is an integral part of the technological solutions for two European R&D projects, in which Brainstorm is a technological partner and leader, namely: eDiploma (Electronic, Didactic and Innovative Platform for Learning based On Multimedia Assets) and CloudClass. In the latter, Edison plays a crucial role in the online teaching platform designed for higher education. In the former, it is included as one of the selected disruptive technologies to be applied in the field of education.”