Established in 1993, Brainstorm provides industry-leading real-time 3D graphics solutions for broadcast, 3D real-time corporate presentations and VR / AR / XR technologies. Brainstorm develops stand-alone graphic packages that allow the creation of user interfaces including standard graphics effects like 3D text, animations effects, VR serious videogames and full interaction that enable the user to create a perfect 3D environment for content presentation and transmission. In the last 10 years, Brainstorm has participated and coordinated multiple R&D projects in view to redeploy our technology with the aim of benefitting society, in a continuous effort to build our Corporate Social Responsibility.


White Loop is a research and consulting agency specialising in the education and technology sectors. The company’s areas of specialism include the development and commercialisation of educational technologies, public consultation/qualitative and quantitative research and development of social networks and user-generated content. White Loop has long standing relationships across the education and training sector in over 25 countries around the world. The focus of White Loop’s work in this sector is to build compelling educational content using genuinely interactive platforms and to ensure that the impact of these educational interventions is sound.


Stryme is a technological company master in the development of video streaming services. The company is specialized in video servers and related software solutions for the broadcast and media industry. During their numerous projects with international television stations Stryme gained extensive experience which it incorporates into their professional software development.


Open Universiteit offers high-quality, personalised and interactive online education, reinforced with socially relevant research, and contributing to innovation of higher education. As a publicly funded university, the university has been assigned a unique role within the higher education system of the Netherlands. The entity stands for the continuous study, improvement and development of new teaching methods and techniques, along with sharing knowledge and experience. In its teaching and research, the OU makes intensive use of the possibilities afforded by the internet. Personalised and interactive online education lies at the core of its educational model and are thus research target number 1.