CloudClass’ Project kick-off meeting was successfully celebrated on October 18th and 19th, 2021, in Valencia. It was the first time that the Project consortia had the opportunity to meet in person and the work sessions taken place at Brainstorm’s facilities gave them the opportunity to stablish the first key steps for the project’s launching.

Attendants came from the Open University of the Netherlands (OU), the British education consultancy company WhiteLoop Ltd (WLP), the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) in Spain, and were welcomed by Brainstorm´s (BRA) team, in which facilities the meeting was held. Also, the Austrian GmbH Stryme joined the meeting from their office in Austria.

During the work sessions, the consortia focused on the organisation of the necessary tasks to develp the first three deliverable of the Project:

D1.1 – User Consultation Protocol and Tool – Details the work carried out in identifying stakeholder groups and bothe the consultation methods and tools to be used during the first stage of the project.

D1.2 – Content Requirements Definition – Following a program of consultations with the user partner OU, this document will detail a range of content requirements which will feed into the CloudClass platform specification.

D1.3 – CloudClass Specifications and Integration Plan – A report that will detail the CloudClass content specifications based on the user requirements and will also include the integration plan.

There was also time to stablish future goals and to set the next meeting, to be held iat the Open University of The Netherlands in July, 2022.