The II Cloudclass International Symposium, held at the University of Alicante on September 28, 2023, brought together educators, technical staff and students to explore the intersection of VR technology and learning. This event provided a platform to delve into the innovative CloudClass project, tracing its journey from the world of television and cinema to its influential applications in the realm of education. The recording is available at the University of Alicante’s webpage here.

The symposium commenced with an opening speech featuring Malena Fabregat, Vice Dean of Institutional Relations, and Rafael Molina, Vice Rector of Digital Transformation at the University of Alicante, setting the stage for the presentations.

In the first place, Francisco Ibáñez, representing Brainstorm Multimedia, described the evolution of the CloudClass project. The VR production tools used in the project initially rooted in the entertainment industry, and are being harnessed to reshape the educational landscape.

The symposium proceeded with a focus on “CloudClass in Higher Education” experiences in different universitites: To begin with, Roi Menéndez, from the University of Santiago de Compostela, highlighted potential use cases for CloudClass in traditional face-to-face universities. Following, Elena Llorca, of the University of Alicante, discussed integrating CloudClass into hybrid education, emphasizing its role in blended learning with a virtual production tool. Then, Renate de Groot, from the Open University of The Netherlands (OU), shared insights into applied research designs and methodologies used to verify and validate CloudClass.

After the coffee break, the symposium continued with a practical activity led by Kateryna Holubinka, a PhD candidate at OU, who explored “Bridging Technology and Pedagogy in Teaching: Using CloudClass Templates”. Jim Playfoot, representing White Loop, delved into the practical applications of CloudClass, specifically in the context of “Bringing CloudClass to the Education Market.”

The event concluded with a session on “Closure CloudClass Next Steps,” offering a glimpse of the project’s future directions and developments.
The II Cloudclass International Symposium provided valuable insights and clarity regarding the project’s activities thus far and outlined the path forward for the project’s final phase. The symposium fostered informative discussions and collaborative exploration of CloudClass’s potential in the educational sector. It was a constructive event that shed light on the significant role of technology in shaping the future of education, paving the way for further developments and innovations in this transformative field.